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Главная » 2012 » Март » 23 » The UKSMG Annual Summer Sporadic-E Contest 2012
The UKSMG Annual Summer Sporadic-E Contest 2012

The UKSMG Annual Summer Sporadic-E Contest 2012

Hi All, and welcome to the launch of the UK Six Metre Group "Summer E's Contest" for 2012. The rules for the 2012 event are the same as last year and are presented below as follows: The exchange and scoring more closely follows the tried and tested format as used in the more familiar VHF contests in Europe, and will be compatible with the more well known logging software packages. I have still included membership numbers, but as a multiplier this year as I felt that we need to encourage more of our members to take part. Members please get on during the contest and give away some points; you could make a real difference to the overall scores. We hope you enjoy this year's contest and we look forward to hearing you on the "magic band".

The contest will take place place as usual in the first weekend (2nd to the 3rd) of June. Starting and ending at 1300 Z (ie. 24 hours). If you have a Google account you can add the contest directly to your Google Calendar by clicking this button:


The contest will take place over the weekend of 2nd-3rd June 2012. Starting and ending at 1300 Z (ie. 24 hours) The sections are:
  1. Single Operator (fixed permanent station address)
  2. Single Operator (both portable and mobile)
  3. Multi-operator (both fixed and portable)
  4. A 6 hour fixed**
  5. A 6 hour portable**
  6. Qrp 5 watts max (both Phone and CW)
  7. We welcome logs from short wave listeners who will be acknowledged
** Stations may only operate for a maximum of 6 hours. Entrants may choose between any continuous 6 hour period in which to operate (e.g. 1500-2100, or 1917-0117) or alternatively split the 6 hour period into two segments separated by at least 1 hour off time . If entering this section contest exchanges are not allowed outside the chosen 6 hour period. Serial numbers must start at 001 for this 6 hour period, and you cannot enter both this section and the full contest.


The scoring for the contest will be as follows: 1 point per Km and a weighting factor of 500 will be applied to each multiplier; score to be calculated as follows:

Total Points + (Total members x 500) + (Total DXCC x 500) + (Total Locator Squares x 500).

For example, a station with total of 145000 Km, 55 members, 34 DXCC and 120 Loc squares Score = 145000 + (55 x 500) + (34 x 500) + (120 x 500)

Total Claimed Score = 249,500


Exchange will be RST , Serial number , Full Locator (6 figure eg IO81WX) and Membership Number if available (compulsory if a member, or if one of a multi operator station is a member).

The Rules:

  1. Use of the DX cluster and chat/forums is permitted, however, 'self-spotting' to solicit contacts during the contest is not allowed.
  2. It's not allowed to make contest QSO's on active or passive reflectors (repeaters or EME).
  3. Meteor scatter or digital modes are allowed as long as all details are exchanged this way.
  4. Multi-op stations may use a group membership number (if any) or the membership number of one of the operators. (See UKSMG Membership number rule above)
  5. If any member of a participating station is a member of UKSMG, then a membership number must be included as part of the exchange.
  6. All licence conditions must be observed.
  7. All contest QSO's must be outside the INTERCONTINENTAL SECTION 50.100-50.130 and also are not to take place below 50.080
  8. Logs must be in Cabrillo V3 format unless otherwised agreed by the contest manager..
  9. Standard Logs submitted on-line via the UKSMG Website do not require a seperate summary sheet, as completion of the on-line submission provides this. A seperate list of Membership Numbers worked is also not required when submitting Standard Logs as theese are already provided in the Cabrillo V3 file format.
  10. Non Standard Logs (both electronic and paper based) must include a summary sheet, (Claimed Score, DXCC, Locators worked, and a list of Membership Numbers worked).
  11. Logs must include a declaration that the Rules (in your country) have been adhered to and I agree that the judges decision is final. (entries received without both will be rejected).
  12. QRP entries must declare the power used during the contest is 5Watts MAXIMUM


Entries by email are much preferred - please send your entry by 1st July 2012 to:
The Contest Manager at (Please use your UKSMG Membership Number and call-sign in the email title).

Standard Logs

Entries only in Cabrillo V3 format are accepted. A list of contest logging applications that fully support the UKSMG Contest providing the correct Cabrillo v3 output file may be found at the bottom of this page.

Further information on the UKSMG Cabrillo file format may be found here UKSMG Cabrillo File Format. The UKSMG Cabrillo File template is also available as a pdf here UKSMG Cabrillo File Format.

Standard Log Submission

All standard logs should be submitted to the Contest Manager via the on-line log submission form. To submit your log on-line, click on the "Submit Entry" button below.

Your entry will be acknowledged by email - if you don't get an acknowledgement within 2 days of sending your entry, please re-send.

Non Standard Logs

EDI, ADIF and Excel CSV file is not a preferred option but will be accepted if absolutely necessary. Anyone considering forwarding a paper log, please email the contest manager first. Paper logs will only be accepted in extreme circumstances and by prior arrangement. Properly formatted electronic logs will allow the contest manager to turn around the results very swiftly. Please indicate which section you're entering, with a list of operators/call-signs. Almost all delays are caused by non standard log formats and paper log entries.

Some useful tips on log submission with particular reference to the Cabrillo file format may be found here:

ALL entries must arrive by 1st July 2012.
Good Luck in the contest

If you do put on a Contest station, please send your pictures to the Webmaster at , or the Editor at . We would be happy to include them in our Contesters Gallery and Six News magazine.

Contest Logging Software

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